B&Q worker made some very X-rated tannoy announcements after being sacked

A former B&Q worker says he’s been banned from all stores after calling his colleagues ‘c***s’ over a tannoy when he was sacked.

‘This is a customer announcement,’ Adam Powis, who filmed himself, says in the video at B&Q in Weston-super-Mare.

‘I just got sacked and B&Q are c***s. F**k everyone. Have a nice day.’

Recalling the events of November 11, the 18-year-old from Bristol said: ‘I don’t really get embarrassed but my heart was racing.

‘I was on my way out and I thought it would be funny so I acted a bit irrationally. I didn’t really think about it.

‘I made a mistake at work and then they took it further than they needed to so I was a bit annoyed. It wasn’t anything serious.’

The student claims he was sacked for vaping outside the designated smoking area.

b&q worker call his colleagues the c workd over a tannoy after he was sacked.
Adam feels he was treated unfairly at work (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

He said: ‘I didn’t think I deserved it because people have done worse things and they’ve not been fired. I’ve seen other staff [vape outside the designated area] and that’s why I was a bit baffled.

‘I actually enjoyed the job. I was good at it and I was never late. I wouldn’t even talk bad about the company but I felt I was treated differently.

‘I understand the criticism, but a joke is a joke and you can either take offence to it or you don’t. It was directed to staff in a sense but it wasn’t malicious.’

Adam claims the ‘banning notice’ he received last week means he will be treated as a ‘trespasser’ if he enters a B&Q store, and threatened with legal action.

He brushed off the alleged ban, saying he ‘doesn’t shop there regularly anyway’.

But he does have some regrets, admitting: ‘I probably shouldn’t have [made the announcement] but it happened. I do regret it a bit. Not because of what I said but more about future job opportunities.

‘If a company sees it then they might think I’m that sort of person but I’m good at my job and [in] the moment I got a bit heated.’

A B&Q spokesperson said: ‘We are unable to comment on individual cases. We have agreed processes in place, and any decision to review a colleague’s employment is not taken lightly and considers all relevant circumstances.’

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