Bristol girl finds Handguns’ guitarist’s stolen ring

A young girl is on a band’s “guest list for life” after finding a stolen bag containing an engagement ring belonging to their guitarist.

Jacob Langley, from US punk band Handguns, had used the ring to propose to his girlfriend at a gig.

However, the bag was left on the band’s van and stolen in Bristol following a performance in Stokes Croft.

Four-year-old Bonnie Lewis found the bag with all its contents intact at a skate park in the city.

The band had played the gig on 15 September and Mr Langley believes the theft happened the following morning when the van was parked near to Dean Lane skate park in south Bristol.

The band contacted police who were unable to see anything on nearby CCTV.

“The bag actually had three engagement rings in it because I’m so indecisive on which one to pick, along with my wallet, credit cards, drivers licence and £1,200 in cash”, said Mr Langley.

US band HandgunsImage copyrightHANDGUNS
Image captionJacob Langley (centre) said the theft happened the day after the band’s gig in Bristol on 15 September

Bonnie’s father Darren said she had asked to go skating at the park that morning.

He explained: “She said ‘look daddy, there’s a bag’. I saw that nobody else was in the park so I had a look inside. There was a lot inside.

“I took the bag home and I saw Jacob’s wallet and his driving licence. I knew they were on tour, so I phoned the Boston Music Room in London.”

Mr Langley said he was shocked when he heard the bag had been found and the money was still inside.

“It truly restores my faith in humanity,” he said.

“I’m coming to the UK in 2020 so we’re definitely going to go and meet her and her father. I told him they’re guest-listed for life.”

He added: “I’m blown away by the kind-heartedness of the British people, it means a lot.”

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