Firefighters manage to save the cake after wedding venue catches fire

Firefighters save wedding cake after venue is evacuated because of fire
A huge fire postponed the wedding celebrations (Picture: BPM Media/Instagram)

A groom had to evacuate his own wedding after a huge blaze ripped through the venue.

James Leggett was rushed out of We The Curious, a science and arts centre in Bristol, when thick plumes of smoke started to emerge from the roof.

His wife-to-be, Amy Heath, was just two minutes away in a hotel room when she heard the news.

The couple were eventually reunited on the streets of Bristol, instead of at the altar.

Both feared the worst for their belongings left inside the venue.

But a pair of beaming firefighters soon emerged from We The Curious with James and Amy’s three-tier wedding cake.

Sentimental photos which were laid out at the venue were also saved.

James, an HGV driver, told the emergency services: ‘Thank you so much for your guys’ efforts yesterday, the day was an absolute whirlwind of emotions and when we heard the pictures and the cake had been recovered, and then saw the firemen walk round the corner with it, was just indescribable. 

‘Thank you so, so much.’

Firefighters from Avon Fire and Rescue Service with the wedding cake rescued from We The Curious in Bristol Supply Only - Use At Own Risk Grace Williams/Twitter
As well as the wedding cake, sentimental photos were also salvaged (Picture: Grace Williams/Twitter)
Bride Amy Heath is presented with her wedding cake rescued by firefighters after the fire at We The Curious science centre in Bristol on Saturday, April 9 Supply Only - Use at own risk Kathryn Bradfield/Instagram
The huge cake and bride Amy Heath were both full of tears (Picture: Kathryn Bradfield/Instagram)

The couple had originally planned to get married in August 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed proceedings twice.

While the pair didn’t quite get the chance to officially say ‘I do’, they did celebrate in the nearby Bristol Hotel throughout the day and then in the Bristol Old Vic in the evening.

The bride’s sister, Kathryn Bradfield, told The Sun it was ‘the best ending to an otherwise weird and bonkers day’.

She added: ‘Her [Amy’s] beautiful dream wedding was literally burning before her eyes. Truly unbelievable.

‘I cannot express my sadness for Amy and James for not being able to say “I do”, but so proud of them both for making the best out of the s***test situation.’

A bride and groom had to evacuate their wedding venue when a huge blaze broke out - but heroic fireman managed to save their cake. The blaze started on the roof of the We The Curious science and arts centre in Bristol, just before the wedding ceremony of groom James Leggett and his bride-to-be Amy Heath could take place. Credit: Bristol Live/BPM
The blaze started on the roof of the We The Curious science and arts centre (Picture: BPM Media)

The fire broke out on Saturday in a section of the roof covered in solar panels.

Bosses at We The Curious say the venue will be closed while investigations are carried out.

They added any donations to help the facility cope with the closure are welcome.

Josie Forsyth, head of development for We The Curious said: ‘On Saturday there was a major fire at We The Curious, which destroyed part of the roof of our Grade II listed science centre and caused significant water damage. Thanks to the swift response from our staff, firefighters and police, nobody was harmed.

‘It’s a big setback for our charity in what is still our first year of recovery after Covid closures. It’s early days still and we don’t yet know the full extent of the damage or how long our doors will have to be closed to visitors, while we assess and rebuild.

‘What we do know is that, despite this crisis, we remain passionately committed to our educational inclusion work and are determined to build back stronger for our communities. We are guided by our vision of a future where everyone is included, curious and inspired by science to make a better world possible.

‘Your help, at whatever level, is so valuable. Support so far following the fire has been overwhelming and will help us to reopen our doors and get back to supporting our communities as soon as possible. Thank you to all who have donated to support us; if you can, please join them by donating at’

A press statement from We The Curious reads: ‘We’ve still got some more assessing of the site to do, but we now know that we’ll be closed for a few weeks.

‘We’d like to say a massive thank you to our incredible staff for their hard work and dedication, to our visitors for their understanding, and to the Avon Fire and Rescue team and police for their swift action.

‘We’d also like to say a big thanks to Bristol Hotel, SS Great Britain and Bristol Old Vic for supporting a wedding party that we had on Saturday.’

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